Sometimes I ask myself why I ever started the writer’s journey, but the answer is simple – a thought nags at the subconscious to be released. The moment the pen is placed between the fingers above a blank sheet of paper, words begin to shape and form a story, and end as a novel.

About 30 years ago I wrote verse as therapy after a divorce and an introduction to a psychic, who told me I had a book to write, which led me to the Noosa Writers’ Group and participation in two anthologies.

My journey to be a published author commenced over four years ago as a participant in QWC courses. Work and relocation to Brisbane woke the urge to learn more about creative writing. The day before I joined QWC I chanced upon a palm reader who laughed when I asked about romance. His advice was to get busy as I had three books to write. I joined the Brisbane Writers’ Group to write and meet like-minded people and make new friends.

Procrastination and self doubt crept in and claimed me more frequently than I care to count. Encouragement came from every quarter, including staff members of QWC, members of Brisbane Writers’ Group, family and friends. Necessary research and planning overwhelmed me and decreased the time for writing. Lost in the world of self doubt, I stopped writing except homework for the writers’ group. I soon discovered some of the titles matched plots within my story and so my novel’s length of words increased. After discussions and attendances at courses I realised I was not alone with this problem.

A staff member of QWC who had followed my story recommended I apply for a QWC Access Grant. To my surprise I received the funding and was able to attend The Express Year of the Edit with Meg Vann. Not long after completing the sessions, I managed to type ‘The End’ on my first draft, which I forwarded to Louise Cusack for a manuscript assessment. The wait for the return of the manuscript was daunting. If I bit my nails my fingers would no longer exist. However, all the torment was worth the wait. Armed with a favourable report I am on the next path of editing and applying extra scenes to enhance the flow of the story.

I thank QWC staff for the support and encouragement. The courses offered have proved beneficial to me and I recommend anyone who desires to write to put pen to paper and release your story.


Ipswich is my home town. My career is as varied as the Australian landscape. Single after a divorce, I lived, raised three children, and worked on the Sunshine Coast for twenty years. Back then my introduction to creative writing was more therapeutic than industrious. I studied Early Childhood Education but training as an administration assistant led me to a variety of workplaces until I moved to Brisbane as a furniture sales person. Retirement has provided the freedom to write full time and enjoy the company and support of likeminded people in writing groups.

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