I’ve always read and written stories. My mother kept the horrendous stories one’s obliged to write in school. But when my brother handed me his sci-fi and fantasy books to read, my imagination fired up and I fell in love with the idea of magic and other worlds.

For many years, life took over – university, a degree in geology, marriage, family, businesses. Then I decided to write a series of adventure books for kids. My son is dyslexic and found the huge YA fantasy novels just too daunting. So a fast-paced fantasy book tripped off my fingers with relative ease and the 80AD series was born.

Not expecting anything great, and not caring about traditional publishing, I threw them up as an indie publisher.

Not long after, they hit 250,000 downloads and I thought – well, maybe I really can do this. But I need to do it better.

So I’ve spent the last four years learning the craft. Learning. Practising. Improving. Now I have a new fantasy trilogy coming out next year with a small press, and an urban fantasy trilogy I’ll be self-publishing. (Because I’m not particularly looking to chase traditional publishing deals.)

And I’m just about done with editing an anthology of short stories with my writer’s group – coming out in time for Christmas.

I’ve still got a long way to go, but I love the camaraderie that comes with being part of the Qld Writers Centre and the Australian Spec fic writing community. The conferences are wonderful, the people supportive and the opportunities to learn and to connect with fabulous people all over the word, endless.

I’m giving a workshop on Writing Fight Scenes for Women at Genrecon. Looking forward to giving back some expertise to help other writers.


Aiki Flinthart lives in Brisbane with her husband, son and a number of lethal weapons lying about the house, readily to hand. She writes fantasy novels and short stories, with a successful YA series out and two trilogies shortly to be released. She runs a business by day and writes at night. aikiflinthart.com