My dad won the fishing competition. He caught the longest Murray cod and won $1,000. This gave me considerable prestige at school. The tuckshop gave me extra tomato sauce on my meat pie, Mr Taylor, the PE teacher acknowledged me with a slight nod, and Miss Jones didn’t give me detention when I forgot my homework. But I didn’t really deserve any of these.

Because my dad cheated.

You pay $10 to register and you are given a tag, sort of like the ones they use on sheep, and it has your own special number. You also get a measuring mat. When you catch a fish you put both these with the fish and take a photo. Then you upload the photo to the competition home page.

But my dad cheated; and I saw him do it.

He caught a Murray Cod, a nice fat, healthy huge Murray Cod. I guessed it around 80cm long. Dad laid out the measuring mat, placed the cod on top then the ear tag on the fish. He took the photo and said, ‘Look at that Julie! Almost 90cm!’

But I saw how he had scrinched the measuring mat under the fish with a secretive fold and this had made the fish longer than it actually was.

And I was scared. Because I didn’t know what to do.

I bought a bottle of sauce for the tuckshop, I thought I might ignore Mr Taylor at the next PE lesson, and I considered turning up for detention.

But I kept the sauce, said Hello to Mr Taylor, and avoided Miss Jones.

Dad and I had fun at the All You Can Eat café. And he bought me a brand new fishing rod.

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