The Feminist Writers Festival (FWF) has announced it will expand to two festivals in 2018, with the theme ‘rewriting the story’, reports Books +Publishing.

The festival will run its first New South Wales event in late October, to be based in Sydney, with a selection of regional NSW events also planned. The Victorian festival will include events in Melbourne, Geelong and Ballarat, and will take place from 24-27 May.

FWF co-chair and board member Nikki Anderson says that a key focus of the expanded festival is ‘skilling up women and non-binary writers for their own writing and getting connected with other feminist readers and writers’, while also trying to ‘go beyond the one-hour panel’, with a mix of longer, more discursive panels and practical workshops.

Anderson says that the 2018 festival theme was chosen to ‘tap into that zeitgeist of #MeToo and the Silence Breakers, but it also stems from the deeper desire for structural change—how do you create change that is sustainable and longstanding and looks at the underlying systems?’

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