Damen O’Brien‘s poems No End of Endings and A Twist in the Grass were published in the Veronica Literary Journal, a Brisbane-based online journal.

Damen O’Brien‘s poem Fruit Picking was longlisted in the Plough Poetry Prize.

Susan Hawthorne has been awarded a residency at Göll Writers House in Bursa, Turkey, to work on her next non-fiction book. She was also interviews as part of BBC Conversations about promoting women’s writing around the world.

Maureen Whitehead‘s novel has been added to the resource collection of Fryer Library at the University of Queensland, the National Library of Canberra, the State Library of Queensland and the Queensland Parliament Library.

Kathy Hoopmann‘s books, All Birds Have Anxiety and Lisa and the Lacemaker Graphic Novel, have been awarded silver Nautilus Awards in the US in their respective categories.

Lisa Walker‘s romantic comedy about climate change, Melt, which is set in Antarctica, will be published by Lacuna in May.

Amanda O’Callaghan‘s short story When the Pitch Drops has won the Flash500 Annual Short Story competition.

‘A romantic comedy about climate change? That’s different.’ When I describe my new novel it’s clear that, for many, romantic comedy and climate change are an unlikely mix. But while dark apocalyptic tales abound, they don’t have a monopoly on this theme. I believe there is also room for funny climate change love stories. There’s…

Pamela Rushby‘s manuscript Hattie or a Thousand Miles up the Nile has been shortlisted for the 2018 Text Prize.

Lesley Mooney has won the Silver Literary Titan Book Award for her novels.

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