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For nearly thirty years, the Queensland Writers Centre (QWC) has focused on supporting people who want to write. This year, we’re offering workshops for people who need to write in the course of their work and to help them achieve their professional goals.

Our professional writing workshops are staffed by experienced real-world instructors who pass on their writing skills in practical, engaging ways to ensure that the next time you’re writing a report, email or any other business document it won’t be a chore.

We recognise that both private and public service employees balance front-line responsibilities with administrative and management tasks that depend on writing. And by offering structured training to remove the stress of writing, we can help Queenslanders write words that are more rewarding, useful and valuable.

Whether you’re new to a role that requires professional writing, or you’ve been producing business documents for years, take a look at our professional writing courses to see how you can enhance your skills to make 2019 your best professional year so far.

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