Susan Hawthorne is an invited guest of the Hindu Lit for Life Festival to be held in Chennai in January 2019.

Susan Hawthorne’s book Bibliodiversity: A Manifesto for Independent Publishing was published in Czech in November and a second Spanish edition released in Argentina in December. That is a total of five languages and twenty territories.

Raymond W Clarke‘s article The Bushrangers Lady, the story of Captain Thunderbolt and his Aboriginal wife, was commend in the 2018 New England Thunderbolt Prize for Crime Writing

Pat Ritter‘s 23rd book The Suffragette was published via Smashwords.

Teri Galea-Thorne has had her seond full length play, In The Spirit Of Murder, produced to stage.

AJ. Adsett‘s self-published debut novel Terror Australis is now available in eBook and paperback through all good online book stores.

AJ. Adsett‘s play The Inquest won best unpublished script at Act-1’s 2018 Theatrefest.  

Thea Biesheuval‘s poem Reformation was the runner up in the ProVerse Hong Kong poetry prize which will be celebrated at the April Spring Festival in HK.

Richard Yaxley‘s novel This Is My Song was announced as the winner of the Young Adult Literature prize in the 2018 Prime Minister’s Literary Awards.

Shelley Bank‘s first novel One Weekend has been self published. Shelley has also launched a blog that encourages people to read.

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