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As writers, we like to find our little corner, whether that’s somewhere in nature, or our kitchen table, and sit and think and sit some more and maybe write something down and not be disturbed. Most definitely though, we DO NOT want to be asked, ‘So what did you write today?’ Because there’s nothing more…

Jeanette Grant-Thomson‘s short story My Friend Peter won a runner-up prize for Stories of Life and is published in Three Dummies and a Dinghy by Morningstar Publishing.

If you’re a writer who struggles with matters related to confidence, you’re not alone. Many emerging writers are hard-pressed to believe in the value of their creative work. They often question the power of their words, the resonance of their ideas, even their worthiness to write. A woman in one of my workshops once said…

Caylie Jeffery was on ABC’s Conversations talking about her project, Under the Lino. 

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There is something very very terrifying about submitting your writing, whether it’s your first time, fifth time, or you’ve been published multiple times over the decades. It’s terrifying because being rejected or being told that that chapter you loved needs to be revised never goes down easy… no matter how many successes you’ve had. So…

Fiona Robertson was shortlisted for the Aesthetica Creative Writing Award 2018 (and was published in the Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual 2019).

Bernadette Rowley‘s novel Elf Princess Warrior was released on the 14th of January.

Damen O’Brien‘s poem On the Day You Launch won the Gwen Harwood Poetry Prize.

Jan-Andrew Henderson‘s 23rd book Edinburgh New Town has been published by Amberley Press and he has just launched The Green Light Literary Rescue Service at

Robbie Kirk’s short story The Big Walk was published in Water Stories, an anthology produced from Natalie Sprite’s workshops of the same name. Robbie is a member of the Macleay Island Inspirational Writers Group.

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