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There is something very very terrifying about submitting your writing, whether it’s your first time, fifth time, or you’ve been published multiple times over the decades. It’s terrifying because being rejected or being told that that chapter you loved needs to be revised never goes down easy… no matter how many successes you’ve had. So today, instead of giving you a lecture on getting up, dusting yourself off, and starting again, we thought we’d just skip to the part where we say,

‘We think it’s incredible that you have an amazing passion for writing. We want writing to be something that brings you joy. Knowing you choose to write when you could be doing thousands of other things instead brings us so much joy and we support you in your journey.’

It’s true that sometimes what we need is hard-to-hear honesty, but that doesn’t eliminate the fact that we also need positive encouragement as well. Check out these quotes below. We hope they’ll make you feel warm and fuzzy and energized:

Theodore Roosevelt quote

C.S. Lewis Quote

Thomas Carlyle quote

Frank Lloyd Wright quote

Earl Nightingale quote

Anne Frank quote

Erin Hanson quote

Thomas A. Edison quote

Karen Lamb quote

Aristotle quote

Now that you feel empowered and supported, register for our ‘Submit and stand out’ seminar, with Sally Piper, on the 2nd of February. Get in the loop for all the magazines and competitions waiting for you, as well as invaluable advice to help you make your submission stand out!

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