Helen Taylor‘s short story Christmas Wish was shortlisted in the Furious Fiction Competition run by the Australian Writers’ Centre.

Carolyn Martinez‘s picture books The Umbilical Family, Discombobulated, It’s Raining Shoes, and Places to Poop have been recently published with Hawkeye Publishing.

Verity Croker‘s novel Jilda’s Ark has been published by Harmony Ink Press.

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“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.” – Jane Austen Has there ever been a more iconic opening sentence in a novel? Jane Austen may not be every reader or writers cup of tea, but there’s still much that…

The Daisy Utemorrah Award is for an unpublished manuscript of junior or YA fiction by an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander writer. Graphic novels for junior or YA readers are also accepted. Deadline: Tuesday 30 April Entry Fee: Free More information

The idea of working as a freelance writer sure sounds alluring. You have the freedom to set your own schedule, work your own hours, select your own clients and write about the topics you know and love from the comfort of your own lounge chair. What’s not to like? However the thought of becoming a…

January. It’s the time of year where everyone creates ambitious New Year’s resolutions and makes plans to ensure the new year will exceed the last. Yet when statistics show that few people manage to follow through on these resolutions, it can be tempting to pass off the opportunity to plan and visualise the year ahead…

In a world where the extent of our creative flair is often limited to 280 characters, Audrey Daybook seeks to foster the art and practise of good old-fashioned story writing. 2019 marks the launch of the inaugural Audrey Daybook Short Story Prize competition, where we will publish a different reader’s short story in each issue….

Veronika Schwarz‘s first book Riemannian Modulation in Max Reger’s Lieder’ was published in October 2018.

Where else can you have a chance to be mentored by one of Australia’s most successful authors? Entries arriving before or after the deadlines cannot be accepted. Note: you cannot ‘reserve’ a place by paying your entry fee. The only way to claim a place in the contest is to submit your entry. Deadline: Monday…

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