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Memories can be both beautiful and traumatising. Some we hold onto with mysticism, like Jay Gatsby, and wonder if they were ever real, and others can instill so much fear that we don’t actually remember them.

Our memory is also extremely fascinating. Have a read of some of these fun facts we found:

Procrastination is important for memory

– this is because our brain connects dots while we work on more menial tasks.

Memory and storytelling are a match made in heaven

– weave the information you’re trying to remember into a story and tell it.

Good memory requires good sleep

– sleep is particularly important for processing long-term memory.

Memories with emotion are prioritised

– the more intense the emotion, the more likely you are to remember the event.

Scent can trigger a memory

– in fact, scent can be a very powerful memory tool.

The procrastination and storytelling facts definitely take the reign as our favourites.

These facts can turn into some handy tricks to help harness your memory, from recreating a meal to help remember that family dinner no one wants to talk about, to going to bed half an hour earlier.

And because we’re writers, what would be the point of remembering all these moments if we’re not going to write them down? ‘Memoir: a book of your own’, is a workshop for intermediate writers and above to delve into the culture of creative non-fiction and help translate personal stories into exciting narratives.

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