Tea: Part of the Writers Survival Guide

Tea: Part of the Writers Survival Guide

As we approach our Novelists’ Bootcamp, we’ve done some research into survival.

Now, we are Australian, so survival is in our blood. Surely no other nation of people can slam a door fast enough to keep a fly out. But seriously, there are some key things required in order to survive in the wilderness; clean water, shelter, fire, navigation tools, something to signal SOS and medical supplies. While all of these items would come in handy if you were stuck in the Australian outback for a night, medical supplies wouldn’t be much help if you’re trying overcome a sudden bout of writers’ block. With our Novelists’ Bootcamp weekend fast approaching, we thought we’d create the ultimate writers survival guide complete with all of the essentials you’ll need to get through that next project…

Writers' Survival Kit - Blank Paper

Blank paper (our version of clean water): An abundance of blank paper is absolutely necessary. Who can you write if you have nothing to write on? Without a never-ending flow for your thirsty ideas to grow on they might just wither away.

Writers' Survival Kit - Comfy Space

Comfy space (our version of shelter): it’s very important to keep yourself protected from distractions and to give your body support. Find a space that puts you in the zone, but also allows you to maintain a good, comfortable posture.

Writers' Survival Kit - Tea/Coffee

Tea and/or coffee (our version of fire): burning the midnight oil is going to happen no matter how much we plan and we’re going to need something to keep us going. Get to know your local coffee shop or better still, DIY, and brew up a storm in the comfort of your own home!

Writers' Survival Guide - Mind Map

Mind map (our navigation tool): this might be the most important skill, knowing when you’re getting off track and how to get back. Map out your idea so that even if you keep on with your tangent you can check where you strayed and know how to bring it back.

Writers' Survival Guide - Emojis

Emojis (our version of an SOS signal): let your friends know that you’re about to embark on a writing journey so, one, they don’t freak out when they don’t hear from you in more than 48 hrs, and two, you don’t get distracted by the equivalent of a search party on social media because of your MIA status. We recommend though, just in case you do fall down the rabbit hole, you come up with a rescue signal (i.e. an emoji) with so they know to come rescue you.

Writers' Survival Kit - Cloud Storage

Google docs or Drop Box (our version of medical supplies): losing a lot of blood is a medical emergency, and losing even a few hours worth of writing seems like just as big of an emergency, especially when it leads to meltdowns and panic attacks that might lead to needing real medical attention. So let’s eliminate unnecessary stress right from the get go and back up our writing.

Now that you’re all kitted out, we hope you’ll get your creative boots on and submit an application to join us on our Novelist Bootcamp. For more information, visit Eventbrite.

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