Inspiration Lacking

Inspiration Lacking

As writers, one of the biggest problems we can face is a lack inspiration…

So you’ve set a goal to up your writing game in 2019 and (finally) finish that manuscript you started this time last year. Or maybe you’ve decided it’s time to take your writing hobby more seriously and turn it into a part or full-time career. Yet, when it comes to putting pen to paper, you find you’re struggling to get started or keep up the momentum required to reach the finish line. As writers, one of the biggest problems we can face is a lack inspiration. We either find ourselves scraping at the bottom of the inspiration barrel or so overwhelmed with ideas, that we’re unsure which one to pick or how to execute it. But never fear, our top three inspiration-busters are here and ready to help spur your creativity.

Go outside

Sometimes a bit of fresh air and the chance to take your mind off the situation at hand is all we need to refill our creative tank. A change of scenery not only helps clear your head, allowing you to return afresh, but can also help relieve stress, which is known to hamper imagination and creativity. So put the pen down, close your laptop and go for a short walk in the great outdoors! Allow your mind to float to anything but your seemingly blank page or Word document. Watch a bird make a nest in a nearby tree, enjoy the laughter of children playing in a nearby park or take Fido for a walk. The perfect idea pops into your head as you do so.

Create a physical ‘Creativity Tank’

Repurpose an old glass jar or cardboard box as your ‘Creativity Tank’; a physical object to which you can add all of your creative writing ideas (the good, bad or outright crazy) when the thought first strikes. Keep scrap paper or sticky notes nearby and whenever an idea pops into your head, jot it down and add it to your ‘tank’. It could be an obscure name you overhear on the daily news (perhaps a name for a future character), a scene from a movie (a potential setting for a future fiction piece) or even a line from a song on the radio (a possible title idea). You could even encourage others in your household to add their own ideas to your ‘tank’. Then next time you’re stuck with pen in hand and rather blank page, you can dive into your creativity tank and use one of the ideas you’ve collected. Don’t forget to put them back either – they might come in handy more than once.

Observe, observe, observe

How often is it that we find ourselves so busy or wrapped up in our own little worlds that we take very little notice of what’s going on around us? This inspiration-buster, while similar to taking a walk outside, is all about combining observational skills with imagination to spark your creativity. Listen to ambient conversations as you wait at the checkout to buy your groceries. Take a walk down a pathway or road you’ve never bothered to explore. Strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you on the bus. You never know what you might discover or where it may lead.

If you’re eager to learn even more techniques to encourage your creativity and maintain your creative mojo, head along to our ‘So You Want to Write?’ workshop on March 2. Led by Kill Your Darling founders, Hannah Kent and Rebecca Starford, this workshop is one not to be missed! Register online via Eventbrite.

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