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Cooking up a Synopsis Post Image

Ingredients :

1 novel
1 writer
1 notepad
Assortment of coloured pens (adjust to individual taste)
Laptop with a Backspace button
1 cup of Chamomile Tea


1 paper shredder machine


1. Preheat the keyboard by typing the events of your story. What is the primary plot arc that you want your readers to know? See the story through your viewer’s eyes. Your audience does not know the twists and turns your plot takes: What do you want your synopsis to show?

2. Mix your novel’s background. Establish the reality of your novel. List the important conflicts and events that help shape the plot and how it affects your protagonist.

3. Add in your characters. When we read stories, we often empathise with the main characters of the story. Which of your target audiences would you like to relate to? What challenges make your character stand out?

4. Bake your synopsis for 5 minutes. Make sure that you remove any unnecessary details. The publisher, editor, competition assessor or even grants body want the specific details and unless they ask for a longer synopsis, keep it short, sweet and succinct.

Want more great recipes for baking a synopsis? Come join our workshop “Cooking Up a Synopsis” with Laurel Cohn on the 10th of March 2019.

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