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A huge congratulations to Queensland Writers Centre member and tutor, Caylie Jeffery, on being awarded the 2019 John Oxley Library Community History Award for her Under the Lino project.

Inspired by Caylie’s find of bankbooks and money under the lino flooring of her 1912 Queenslander, the Brisbane writer created a community-based research project that brought together people with similar stories and interests. Caylie first shared her discover on Facebook’s Old Brisbane Album, where hints about her home began to emerge. In uncovering the mystery behind her find a community evolved, and a book created to document and share this important part of Queensland’s cultural heritage.

Caylie accepted the award at the official Queensland Memory Awards ceremony held at the State Library on Wednesday, 29th May. The Community History Award is part of a range of research fellowships and awards presented annually as part of the Queensland Memory Awards. The Awards recognise the valuable contribution individuals and organisations from across Queensland make to the investigation, preservation and celebration of Queensland’s rich history.

Applications for the 2020 Queensland Memory Awards will open early next year. If you have your own piece of Queensland history you’ve been looking to get creative with then now is the time. Or learn how to turn any historical source into fiction with Melissa Ashley’s Alchemy of Research workshop on 15th June.

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