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Lucy is a sixteen-year-old paraplegic who has seen strange lights hovering over the creek on her father’s 10,000 acre farm in far north Queensland; heart disease is the number one killing disease in Australia; we have to rethink our ideas on failure and perhaps redefine the word failure as an unexpected outcome. After all, 4 billion years of evolution is based on a series of unexpected outcomes; at 44, Lara Winters leaves England for Byron Bay Australia after finding that her husband of 21 years has been unfaithful.

What do all of these have in common?

They’re the tag-lines for some of my 45 books that have been published to date across a range of genres. I’ve written for major publishers such as Macmillan and small emerging presses that no one has heard of. I’ve written parenting books, memoirs, children’s and young adult fiction, speculative fiction, novels, self-help books and text-books. The point of the first paragraph is to show readers and writers that each of those creative endeavours has a unique voice, and all of those voices are mine.

What I believe is that we don’t just have a single writing ‘voice.’ Each one of us has a limitless capacity to have a limitless number of voices.

I write because I am compelled by a creative urge that permeates my days and nights, and I love finding the right voice for the project that currently captures my imagination. I have learned that readers of pro-social fiction are more empathetic than readers of general non-fiction, and I’ve learned that a well-crafted metaphor lights up the brain in the same way an actual sensory experience would – and this is exciting to me because what we do when we write is create worlds and characters and experiences that transport readers into other realities.

In the workshop that I’ll be running over the course of a full-day, entitled ‘Finding your Voice’ you’ll have the opportunity to explore your limitless creative potential; to get over your fear of the white page and learn to play with the tools that all writers need in order to make words into the keys that unlock their limitless creative worlds. I believe in having fun – in falling in love with language and words and then using them to build sentences that stand the test of time – unveil the secrets to unique and individual ‘voices’ – and to go ahead and tackle any creative writing project that you might have, or wish to start.

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