GenreCon 2019 is almost here and we want to ensure everyone has the best conference possible. To help achieve this we’re introducing a new app, Storyline, to help everyone find their tribe no matter where they sit on the Introvert-Extrovert spectrum. So, if you’re coming to GenreCon make sure you’re prepared and download the free app now. When you get to GenreCon, visit the Storyline stall to receive your free GenreCon bonus word pack. Then you are set to go with Storyline as your official conference chat ice-breaker!

Everyone coming to GenreCon has access to the word prompt generating app. While the Line’s on your side of the screen, it’s your turn to tell the story. When it crosses the centre, your co-player picks up where you left off. Speed up, slow down, dump each other in it. StoryLine is infinitely flexible and can be enjoyed by players of any age.  Play it Classic, Sudden Turn, Random Words, Poetry Tennis. Record your story and post it for posterity or share your brilliance on social.

After five years in development between Australia and the UK, GenreCon is proud to be the launching pad for StoryLine: the storytelling app. We know how much work goes into a manuscript, but writing is also meant to be fun! StoryLine is the infinite story-generator in your pocket. It’s a mini-gym that not only exercises your own creativity, but helps you easily meet and interact with like-minded playmates. You can play with a friend or a stranger: in a venue queue, on the bus to the Con, over lunch or coffee, waiting for your session to start.

Genre-specific word packs have been handcrafted especially for this year’s GenreCon. They’re all included, along with the game and all its add-ons, in your GenreCon ticket.  Just come to the StoryLine stall to download your wordpacks. Go crime, fantasy, romance, mystery, SF – or make your own genre.

StoryLine is the brain-baby of Brisbane writer and actor Andy Foreman, better known as Manuel in Faulty Towers the Dining Experience and Dr Two Shoes at the Queensland Children’s Hospital. Andy’s long career as a professional improviser and comic performer embraces seventeen years touring the world with Faulty Tours; three years as a Clown Doctor; seasons of Theatresports at Belvoir Street and La Boite with the likes of Glyn Nicholas and Andrew Denton; gameshow Bite the Bucket; and long-running genre improv shows including Limb Trek, Sherlock Holmes and the Voices of Terror! and Scared Scriptless. Andy and helpers will be at the StoryLine stall to answer your questions, give tips, or just play games with you.


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