At Queensland Writers Centre, we love stories. We love the writers who tell the stories and the readers who give them life. We love the way they help us to understand and connect with those around us and gain a greater understanding of ourselves.

QWC is a not-for-profit membership organisation that supports, celebrates and showcases Queensland writers and writing in all its forms. We work with our members and partners to promote a vibrant and diverse writing community across Queensland.

We are the leading support and resource centre for writers and writing in Queensland, offering  a comprehensive online and in-person range of services as well as information and advice for anyone interested in writing, whatever your level of experience or ambition.

QWC is a part of the National Writers’ Centre Network – Australia’s largest network of writers. The network supports and connects writers in all the states and territories of Australia. Together we represent more than 10,000 members and a much broader constituency of early career, emerging and established authors – across all genres, all styles and all parts of Australia.

Our members are published authors, emerging writers, children’s authors and illustrators, screenwriters, journalists, editors, agents, publishers, poets, storytellers, playwrights, cultural producers, freelance writers, teachers, academics and critics. We strive to support every member and provide them with the opportunities to write, publish and create.

What we do

QWC exists to support the creative and professional development of writers and to showcase and celebrate the diversity of Queensland writers and stories locally, nationally and internationally.

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QWC supports the practice, development and recognition of writers and a vibrant culture of writing, reading and creating.

We believe in helping make diverse voices and stories heard and celebrated.

We are committed to making our programs and services accessible.

We are open to new ideas and share our knowledge and expertise.

We contribute to and support our partners in the cultural sector.