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With Aiki Flinthart

Work with a weapons and martial arts expert so that you can authentically write fight scenes.

With more and more ‚Äėstrong‚Äô female protagonists appearing in genre fiction, it is essential that authors know how to write authentic fight scenes for them ‚Äď be they arguments or fisticuffs. This workshop follows on from the 3-hour Writing Fight Scenes for Women workshop; however, this masterclass will be useful to anyone.¬†This interactive and hands-on workshop will cover in-depth details on how to plan and block out a fight scene, provide demonstrations and experiments for participants to help with understanding what fighting techniques and weapons will work best for smaller physiques, and finally, the opportunity to workshop and act out fight scenes written by the participants themselves.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon the completion of the course, students should emerge with:

  • Basic knowledge on the differences in physiology, body chemistry and psychology of women vs men in approaching, dealing with, and reacting to violence, as well as differences between characters with and without martial training.

  • A greater understanding of various fighting techniques and which ones best-suit women (smaller physiques).

  • The ability to block out and plan fight scenes using setting, props, and weapons using both video and actual demonstrations.

  • Experience in critiquing fight scenes for pacing, word use, plausibility and effective evocation of emotion in the reader using both published scenes and participants’ own work.

  • Experience in writing the aftermath of the fight ‚Äď how it leads smoothly into the next decision/action scene¬†using both published scenes and participants’ own work.

  • An understanding of how characters might handle a variety of weapons.


This is a physically active craft workshop for writers of all levels. More information on program formats and level definitions can be found here.

To Prepare:

Students must be willing to sign waiver and exercise due caution in trying martial arts techniques under strict supervision of the instructor. 

Students will submit a 300-500 word fight scene at least two weeks prior to the workshop to With the writer’s permission,¬†Aiki will choose one or two to use during the session as examples of how to block out a scene so it feels realistic, and how to improve the scene for tension, pacing and emotive content.¬†All student scene submissions will be returned via email with private critique suggestions from Aiki.

Students should wear loose, comfortable, t-shirts, and loose, comfortable long pants. 

About Aiki:

Aiki has over 18 years of study/training and teaching in the samurai martial art of Yoshinkan Aikido. She has also cross-trained in jujitsu and gracie jujitsu. She has trained in Japanese-style sword fighting and is ambidextrous in longbow, horsebow, and throwing knives. 

As a writer, Aiki has ten published novels, with multiple stories shortlisted in the Aurealis Awards and the USA Writers of the Future Competition. She has an Adult Training Certification IV and taught adults in classroom situations for 10 years.


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Unless otherwise stated, Queensland Writers Centre workshops and events are suitable for participants aged 16 years and over. If you are under 18 years of age, please check with us for suitability before purchasing a ticket. 

Membership and concession tickets will be confirmed on arrival.

What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Information on getting to the State Library of Queensland can be found here.

What can I bring into the event?

You can bring either pen and paper or a laptop along with you to write with. If you do bring a laptop, please remember to bring a power adaptor if necessary. 

Will this event be livestreamed?

Queensland Writers Centre aims to provide material to its members regardless of where they reside within Queensland by livestreaming some events. Attendees may be broadcast periodically throughout the event as recording takes place. If you wish not to be filmed, let staff know prior to the event.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

You can contact us by phone on 07 3842 9922 or email us at

What’s the refund policy?

If Queensland Writers Centre cancels an event, we will try to reschedule it for a later date. If we cannot reschedule the event, or if you are unable to attend on the amended date, your payment will be refunded in full.
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Terms and Conditions

All information is correct at the time of publication. We reserve the right to make changes to the advertised program information (including course content and tutors), but if this occurs, we will try to provide as much notice as possible.
We expect that all participants will behave respectfully and professionally towards their tutor and fellow students. We reserve the right to remove anyone who behaves in an aggressive or disruptive manner. If a participant is asked to leave the class on this basis, we will not offer a refund.
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