• Edit your manuscript

    Editing is the process of polishing and revising your manuscript to make it the best possible product it can be before pitching it to publishers or agents, or placing it in front of a public audience.

    An editor’s role is to help your book reach its full potential. As with manuscript assessment services, hiring an editor does not guarantee publication; it means the completed draft will be a more polished product.

    An editor doesn’t have the right to change your work; they can suggest changes, but you are the author of the work, so the final decision is yours.

    There are three stages of editing, which are typically completed in the following order:

    Structural editing considers the big picture of the manuscript such as plot, character motivations and behaviors, the sequences of scenes and the author’s voice.

    Copyediting corrects grammar and spelling, otherwise known as line edits. Copy editors and proofreaders are sometimes interchangeable.

    Proofreading is the process of reviewing a text and checking for typos and formatting errors, and may also include correcting errors in grammar and consistency.

  • Find an editor

    Professional editing on a full manuscript can be expensive, but it pays to have your manuscript in the best possible shape before it’s seen by industry professionals. Keep in mind that should a publisher decide to publish your work, another stage of editing will be undertaken at the publisher’s expense.

    Where to find an editor

    Editors Queensland is an association of professional editors, and other professionals in publishing and communications with a Freelance Register available on their website. editorsqld.com 

    What to pay

    As a guideline only, a proofreader will probably charge you around $40 per hour. Editors’ fees are around $80 per hour. Keep in mind that editors and proofreaders operate as businesses, so they are able to set their own rates.

  • Manuscript assessments

    Manuscript Assessment

    A manuscript assessment is a paid, commercial service where the appraiser will read, evaluate and report back on your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses. Be clear on the reasons why you are investing in an assessment. A manuscript assessment is not a guarantee on publication, or a shortcut to having your work accepted by a publisher or literary agent. Because manuscript assessments are paid services, publishers and literary agents are rarely, if ever, swayed by a manuscript assessment that accompanies an author’s submission.

    If you are seeking an external, unbiased opinion on your manuscript, then a manuscript assessment may be a worthy investment.

    The cost

    Costs vary, but manuscript assessors’ websites should carry details of their rates of pay for particular jobs. It is always worth obtaining a quote for the service before sending your manuscript.

    If you are looking for a manuscript assessment service the links below may be helpful.