• Hire a writer

    A freelance writer operates like a small business, selling work to a number of different publications, either being commissioned to write articles or content on specific topics, or by crafting their own material and selling it to interested parties. Freelance writers aren’t just journalists, they also write for websites, government, advertising agencies etc, and will charge an hourly rate, or a price per piece.

    A ghostwriter is a professional writer who assumes the role of the author on a manuscript, taking on the voice and style of the person commissioning the work. The finished book will not be published under the ghostwriter’s name. Essentially, the role of the ghostwriter is to be invisible. Many political and sporting biographies are authored by ghostwriters.

    How much should you pay?

    Freelance and ghostwriters are professional authors and therefore charge professional rates. The Australian Society of Authors has applicable pay rates and conditions on their website asauthors.org. There you can also find (at a cost for non-ASA members) a small publication which contains a sample Ghostwriting Agreement and Contacts List resource of ghostwriters in Australia.

    Depending on the project and the level of editorial control, these rates can be negotiated. In most instances, freelancers will be required to be paid upfront for the work they are undertaking. Offering payment in the form of a future share of royalties from the sale of your book is not an appropriate offer to a ghostwriter or freelancer.

  • Organise an author talk or workshop

    Australia has a vibrant collection of talented authors who are ready and willing to work with groups of people in a range of ways, from author talks through to classes.

    If you’re looking for an author to talk to your writers group, school group or festival audience, QWC recommends going through one of the peak industry bodies specifically devoted to partnering you and your school, group or festival with an author.

    Book Links is a non-profit organisation with the goal “to establish a children’s literature centre in Queensland where young people can interact with authors, illustrators and storytellers.” If you’re after an author for your school group in Queensland, we suggest getting in touch with them via their website. booklinks.org.au

    Speakers Ink describe themselves as a “literary agency of excellence dedicated to connecting experienced speakers with schools, libraries, festivals and literary events of all kinds.” With over 150 authors on their books, they’re a dedicated resource for linking you with a writer. speakers-ink.com.au

    Pay rates

    Queensland Writers Centre always recommends paying the author rates set by the Australian Society of Authors. asauthors.org