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With almost 75% of businesses looking for candidates who have strong writing skills, there’s never been a better time to brush up on your business writing.   To help bridge the gap, the Queensland Writers Centre has designed a range of writing courses to help businesses and employees develop the communication skills to win in the marketplace.

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What’s On


Write actionable reports that are fit-for-purpose with our Effective Report Writing workshop.

Write Effective Reports

Content Strategy Business Bootcamp Workshop Brisbane Australia

Is building content for your website a never-ending uphill battle? Kick your content into shape with our Content Strategy Business Workshop.

Kick Your Content Into Shape

Media Release Writing Workshop in Brisbane Australia

Are you sending out media releases but aren’t getting the results that you want? Increase your prospects with the tips in our Media Release Writing Workshops.

Master the Media Release

Writing Business Emails Workshop in Brisbane Australia

Are your emails missing the mark.? Increase your communication power with our Writing Business Emails Workshop.

Writing Business Emails

Successful Speech Writing Workshop held by The Writing Series in Brisbane Australia.

Are you struggling to get the voice of your speech writing correct? Refine your skills and speeches with our Successful Speech Writing Workshop.

Succeed With Speechwriting

Technical Document Writing Workshop held by The Writing Series in Brisbane Australia.

Having problems writing technical documents that are accessible to readers? Communicate clearly with our Technical Document Writing Workshop.

Technical Document Writing