A QWC writing mentorship allows you to work with an experienced author, editor, writing tutor or other industry professional on a one-on-one basis over a period of time. A mentor can give you advice and guidance in all aspects of the craft and business of writing and publishing.



We will do our best to match you with a mentor with expertise in the area you are interested in. Visit our website to see the list of our current mentors. If your area of interest isn’t represented in this list, please contact us or submit an application form and we will do our best to match you with another industry professional.


Initial Mentor Meeting (Optional)

Prior to the initial meeting, you may submit up to 5,000 words or your work, or up to 5 poems, for your mentor to read. At the meeting you and your mentor can discuss your work and ways that an ongoing mentorship could benefit you, as well as establishing whether there is a rapport between the mentor and you and to decide if you would both like to continue to work together.

You may find that this meeting answers your questions and that you don’t need a Mentorship Package. If you do decide to take up a Mentorship Package after your Initial Mentor Meeting, you can first work on aspects of your manuscript that you have already discussed with your mentor before meeting again. If you are confident that you will be able to work well with your chosen mentor and would like to commit to a Mentorship Package, you may not need to have an Initial Mentor Meeting.


Mentorship Packages

When choosing a Mentorship Package, please consider the amount of time required for your mentor to read your work and to make notes. As a rough guide, please allow approximately one hour per 10,000 words. Mentorship times include the mentor reading your work, the face-to-face/phone/skype meeting time, and time required to email back and forth with follow-up comments for re-worked sections etc.

For example: If you have a novella of 30,000 words and a synopsis, a 5-hour package would allow time for your mentor to read your work, make notes, meet with you for one hour, and email you once or twice to answer final questions.


How it works

  1. Submit the form below
  2. We will liaise with you to match you with the most suitable mentor
  3. We will send you a letter of agreement and an invoice for your mentorship
  4. We will put you in contact with your mentor so you can discuss your needs and make an initial meeting time
  5. You will meet with your mentor (face-to-face, by phone, skype or email, depending on both your locations and availabilities) and begin the mentorship
  6. If you have any questions or problems at any time, please contact us immediately on 07 3842 9922 / admin@qldwriters.org.au
  7. At the completion of your mentorship you may buy an additional package if you’d like to continue the mentorship further
  8. We would love to hear how your mentorship goes and we welcome any feedback you may have to help us improve our mentorships



  • Initial meeting 2 hours (90 minutes meeting + 5,000 words reading time) – $270 members / $320 public
  • 5 hours – $450 members / $520 public
  • 10 hours – $825 members / $895 public
  • 15 hours – $1,200 members / $1,270 public
  • 20 hours – $1,540 members / $1,610 public

* Please note:

  • The mentor’s reading time must be factored into these hours.
  • All prices include GST.
  • Funding grants may be available to support your mentorship costs.



When we receive your application for a Writing Mentorship, we will send you an invoice for payment.


Terms and Conditions

  • Please allow up to five business days for a response to your application.
  • Copyright of the work developed remains with the writer at all times.
  • Each Mentorship Package must be paid for in advance and used within six months.
  • Mentors will provide you with comments, feedback and guidance on the area/s of your choice, but please note that they are unable to provide you with a formal manuscript appraisal or reader’s report, offer advice on the commercial viability or chances of publication of any project, or approach publishers or agents on your behalf.
  • Mentoring meetings take place either face-to-face, by Skype, by phone or by email.
  • A mentorship is a business arrangement, and as such all parties are expected to behave professionally and treat each other with respect. Any contact beyond the scope of this mentorship must be conducted through QWC, unless otherwise agreed between both parties.
  • QWC reserves the right to decline mentorships and payments at its sole discretion without further correspondence.



If you have any questions or concerns about the way your mentorship is progressing, please contact QWC on 07 3842 9922 / admin@qldwriters.org.au.



Apply for a QWC Writing Mentorship

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