I was recently at a dinner party where the discussion of nouns came up (I go to wild dinner parties). Specifically, while playing a word game, we discussed whether it was permissible to use proper nouns – a term not understood by half the participants. As such, let’s talk about everyone’s favourite part of speech….

Kurt Vonnegut once said of semi-colons, ‘all they do is show you’ve been to college.’ While I don’t agree with him, I see Vonnegut’s point; semi-colons don’t really do anything that you can’t already do with another punctuation mark. You don’t need to know how to use them to write well. But if you use…

Sharing time: I love commas. They do so many fun things. But they’re also one of the most complicated punctuation marks to use. You might have learned in school that a comma represents a natural pause in a sentence. Untrue. The comma’s primary role is to separate distinct elements within a sentence. We separate these…


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