Storytelling is a powerful way of making sense of our lives, learning from our experiences and sharing wisdom with others. Through creative reflection and the shaping of our story, we gain a stronger sense of perspective and control over the past, a deeper connection with the present, and a clearer vision of the future.

Createplace is pleased to present a series of workshops in partnership with the Queensland Writers Centre, offering a unique opportunity to explore storytelling techniques across a range of art forms, guided by expert mentors in arts and wellbeing.

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Your Story: Essential tools for beginner memoir writers
with Dr Jo-Ann Sparrow | DCA Creative Writing, M PR, B Arts

Author Joan Didion famously said ‘I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.’
Whether you aim to commercially publish your story or simply create a written legacy for your family, writing a memoir can be a rewarding and potentially cathartic experience. This practical workshop will provide useful tools to explore your story, give it depth and bring it to the page.
When Sunday 8 October, 10am-1pm
Where Meeting Room 1.B, State Library of Queensland

Quests and Voyages: Writing about where we’ve been and what we’ve learned
with Dr Andrea Baldwin | PhD Psychology, PhD Creative Writing
Travel is always an exploration of the self, as much as the world. In this practical workshop, use techniques from memoir and travel writing to delve more deeply into your travel experiences – whether down the street or around the globe. Bring along a photograph or object of special significance from your travels. You will be guided through hands-on reflection and writing exercises that will help you share stories of your travels, for your own enrichment and the enjoyment of readers.
When Sunday 8 October, 2-5pm
Where Meeting Room 1.B, State Library of Queensland

Change your story, change your life: Possibilities for change using creative writing
with Leanne Dodd | PhD Candidate – Arts & Humanities, Grad Cert Tertiary Education, B Com
We can’t change the past, but we can change how we see it. In this workshop, you will be equipped with a range of creative writing strategies to create fictional characters to re-imagine your future. Be guided through writing exercises that will help you identify positive outcomes and empowering perspectives from your experiences. The workshop will be of particular benefit to those looking for ways to change the disempowering stories in their lives and/or share their stories through creative writing.
When Sunday 22 October, 10am-1pm
Where Meeting Room 1.B, State Library of Queensland

Happily Ever After: Strategies for problem-solving through the lens of fairy tales
with Pam Blamey | M Mental Health, Art Therapy, Grad Dip Soc Sc – Counselling, B Soc Sc – Human Services
Have you ever wondered why the youngest son wins the princess? Or why fairy tales end with happily ever after? Fairy tales are an innovative way to reflect on well-being. In this workshop, you will be introduced to the genre of fairy tales and myth, and the concepts of metaphor, symbolism, intuition and hidden wisdom. You will be guided through a range of writing and art-making activities to explore strategies for problem-solving through the lens of fairy tales and storytelling.
When Sunday 22 October, 2-5pm
Where Meeting Room 1.B, State Library of Queensland

Your Voice: Digital Storytelling for Everyone
with Elena Volkova | M Arts – HDR, Transmedia Studies, Grad Dip – Museum Studies, B Arts
In these two half-day workshops, learn to voice your own story using basic images, video and a personalised 250-word script. Digital Storytelling is creative and flexible, and reflects the way our modern society is engaged in the process of meaning-making, through a multi-modal, multi-platform, co-creative and collaborative work. You will be guided through all stages of the work, including script development, selection of visual materials, voice recording, audio editing and the final production of your story (laptop/free software download required).
When Saturday 4 November and Sunday 5 November, 10am-1pm each day
Where Meeting Room 1.A, State Library of Queensland

Sing about it: Songwriting for the absolute beginner
with Dr Andrea Baldwin| PhD Psychology, PhD Creative Writing
Have you always wanted to write a song? Singing is a great way to share your feelings and experiences, and it also has proven health benefits. Don’t worry if your musical knowledge is limited – this workshop focuses mainly on words. You’ll leave the workshop with a basic song structure, on which you can build musical ‘backing’ over time. You’ll learn how to tell a story in song, create a ‘hook’, use the verse-chorus-bridge structure, avoid common pitfalls, and much more.
When Sunday 19 November, 10am-1pm
Where Meeting Room 1.B, State Library of Queensland

Poetry as Self-Care: Journey to beauty, joy and peace
with Veronica Cassiane | B Arts, Grad Dip Education
The capacity for poetry to succinctly capture, distil and validate human experience makes it an invaluable tool for personal growth and development. You will be guided through a range of written activities and introduced to various techniques and approaches to explore the role of beauty and creativity within the ‘ordinary’, through playful curiosity, sensory reflection and the written word. This highly interactive workshop supports the power and value of personal poetry and requires no prior creative writing or poetry experience.
When Sunday 19 November, 2-5pm
Where Meeting Room 1.B, State Library of Queensland

Please note that any information provided in these workshops is not intended to take the place of medical advice from a health care professional.