Have you ever wondered how writers like Stephen King have more than 50 published novels under their belt? The answer is simple – discipline. Anthony Trollope, one of the greatest English novelists, had a practice of writing 250 words every quarter of an hour. Maya Angelou made it a point to write in a space where she wouldn’t be interrupted or distracted. If you examine the routines of most accomplished writers, you will find a similar pattern. Establishing a routine of writing for a set amount of time, in a space free of distractions, with short breaks throughout the day has been the recipe for success for writers since the dawn of time.

At Queensland Writers Centre, we follow the lead of the best writers by employing the Pomodoro technique of time management.  Join us every Friday at QWC, free of charge, and turn your brilliant ideas into great pieces of writing.  Can’t get into the centre?  No problem, you can still join in the fun by following our Pomodoro guide here, signing up for a Pomodoro pack below or even taking a picture of yourself smashing tomatoes and send it through to our team!

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Whether you’re a single writer on a cattle station or a member of a group in the tropics, you can use the Pomodoro technique to get your writing flowing.

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